Physics HL Paper 1 and 2 and other science subject tips

May 9th, 2011

The chemistry paper 1 and 2 were held today, and paper 3 will be tomorrow. I finished my paper 3 mathematics today and I am pretty relieved. What’s up next is physics, and here I will share with you some tips for the Physics HL papers.

For multiple choice, it is simply practice. Download a few past papers and keep repeating them. The styles of questions are very repetitive, so what you need to study will be very obvious after you complete a few. They do not take long, so you can still cram in a lot of things for obtaining marks on the multiple choice question. Since many of you will probably be reading this hours before your exam so even this might be difficult. Always try to stick with your first feeling of the answer. The questions often try to lead you to the wrong way, so the moment you feel that one of the answers are right, it probably is. Just double check that you are not getting tricked. Don’t overthink things, after all they only expect you to spend about a minute on each question.

Paper 2 is the hardest. However, this, along with practice can also be improved easily. Since there isn’t much time until the exams, there isn’t much you can do in terms of learning new things, but using the data booklet, for example is helpful. When you get stuck, especially on a mathematical question look at the data booklet. There may be something that can help you. Even if it is not a mathematical question, for example, a definition, you can often simply write down the formula and obtain marks for definition questions – given that the formula is the definition for certain things. Even if it is not, you may find things that help you remember certain things as you look through the data booklet.

Another thing is time. Paper 1 is relatively short – try not to spend too much time on a single question. You will probably have a lot more time in paper 2, just make sure you do not spend too much time on one question, and move through swiftly. Read through section B during the 5 minutes reading time and decide which questions you are going to do before the start of the paper.

These are some tips you can cram into your brain last minute and it may help you boost past into the next grade boundary. An article for paper 3 will be posted tomorrow.

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